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Now Koei Tecmo released a fresh batch of gameplay trailers along with brand new screenshots for its forthcoming open-world Musou game Shin Sangokumusou 8, that will be published from the west as Dynasty Warriors 9.

First of all, we get a brand new trailer showcasing the freedom of action that we’ll have from the open globe to pursue our aims.

A fresh set of five personality trailers also show more officers in action. Now the spotlight is really on Yu Jin, Zhong Hui, Huang Zhong, Guan Ping, and Lu Xun.

New screenshots reveal the many horses that we can acquire. Players begin with a low-key horse, however, better ones using enhanced skills can be obtained at the stables located in villages and cities. When you buy a horse, you can select it at any time through the exact stables. There are various colours available, including the legendary Red Hare. Riding on them over long distances and attacking enemies while on horseback will level them up.

In addition, we get a look at this Scroll system. To be able to craft items, a scroll listing the components needs to be acquired. They’re normally divided into several parts, and those can be found by completing quests or even defeating enemies. As soon as you’ve the scroll along with the materials listed on it, you can craft the corresponding thing, including rare weapons.

It is possible to take pleasure in the resources below.   If you would like to see more, you can enjoy the most recent batch of personality trailers, the most recent   character show as well as the previous gameplay trailers, and a previous  drop of personality trailers. If you’re interested in learning more information directly from the lion’s mouth, you can even read our recent meeting with Producer Akihiro Suzuki.

The western launch will happen only a few days afterwards, on February 13th. At the west, we’ll also get two extra programs: Xbox One, and PC.

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