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Approximately a year and a half after the game’s first announcement, Zoink Games finally revealed the launch date of its available globe exploration-based game Fe during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini. Fe will eventually release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2018.

For all those of you that aren’t aware, Fe is an atmospheric open-world title where players travel the globe as the titular monster, connecting with nature and solving a variety of puzzles. Players do so by singing in tune with numerous creatures to be able to make them assist you. If you wish to observe these gameplay mechanisms in action, then you should have a look at a recently released gameplay video game.

During the Direct, a few Nintendo Switch exclusive features were also highlighted. This includes the capability to utilize motion controls once you attempt to sing in tune with other monsters on the planet and really response HD Rumble which feels slightly different every time you sing.

You can check out a few new screenshots for Fe below along with a new trailer posted on the developer’s Twitter account. Fe will become accessible on PC, PS4, Xbox One, along with Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2018. If you want to hear what the game’s developers have to say about the name, then you can take a look at our meeting with the game’s programmers.

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