Today Square Enix launched a new batch of screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV‘s upcoming update 4.2 titled “Rise of a New Sun,” which is going to be released at the end of the month.

To begin with, we get to see the map to The Feast mode Crystal Tower Training Grounds. A new team system enables you to create a party of six, pick an insignia and compete against other groups in fresh ranked games. New PvP equipment will be available, and it could also be dyed.

Battles are produced shorter, and now incorporate a brand new “Light Medal” result that reduces damage taken as the weight of medals is lowered.

The new monster tribe questline will feature the sub-tribe of this Ananta named Vira, focusing on the brood mum’s daughter Vira.   Can I say that we are able to find a giant white elephant for a decoration bracket?

We also find that the new glamour dresser, that will let us produce ensembles to use by utilizing the furniture accessible inn rooms, also freeing some stock distance in the meanwhile.

Last, but not least, a glance at the subaquatic voyages reveals how Complimentary Companies can create a submersible to search for hidden treasure from the depths of the seas.

It’s possible to check the screenshots out in the gallery under. In addition, keep in mind that you simply have a few days left to catch the dog-themed Heavensturn rewards.

If you wish to learn more about Final Fantasy XIV, you can also appreciate our recent meeting with Naoki Yoshida and our overview of the   Stormblood  growth.

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