PS4, Xbox One

The Exhibition is going to be presented in partnership with Sony and some other companies, and it will be a large retrospective representing the thirty decades of record of Final Fantasy.

The name of the exhibition comes in the fact that it’ll feature a variety of “farewells” delivered by a “voice augmented reality program” that will be provided to each visitor. Character voices and audio is going to be syncronized with the screen as people explore the display space.

About fifty tunes from the series will also be included, alongside scenes from various games of this series.

What’s much more intriguing, is that original scenarios have been created for Final Fantasy XV along with Final Fantasy VII.

It will let visitors explore the legendary church in Sector 5, while listening to Aerith’s memories. It’ll include “picture boards” in the highly anticipated Closing Fantasy VII Remake displayed in Japan for the first time. The situation was written directly from Kazushige Nojima with voice acting supplied by Maaya Sakamoto herself.

The screen for Final Fantasy XV is known as Phantom Wedding, and in case you haven’t played with the game don’t read the next paragraph, because it includes spoilers. Additionally, don’t watch the final picture from the gallery (cease when you Find the large Final Fantasy emblem)

It centers on the wedding service involving Noctis and Luna showcased in the previous scene of the game, plus it features Regis, Prompto, Gladiolus, along with Ignis since they talk soft  words of congratulations to the bride and groom.

Believe me or not, writing this and picturing it only made me cry. I can’t imagine how I’d feel actually listening to it.

Here you can take a look at a few images provided with the statement. Before now, we read that that the maturation of this Final Fantasy VII Remake is allegedly going well. If you want to learn more about Final Fantasy XV, you’ll be able to read our review.

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