Playdius  Declared that the Fun Punch Games developed “Dodgebrawl” game Strikers Edge will Establish Globally on PlayStation 4-via PSN and PC-via Steam on January 30 in North America and January 31.

Strikers Edge is an fast  multiplayer game which carries a roster of eight playable ancient warrior personalities from different eras and civilizations. Players must target their various attacks at competitions while dodging and finding cover to keep them from being attacked in return.

Currently, there are four different areas to choose from which each feature varied hazards and barriers as well as different methods to strategically remove from your opponents attacks.

Strikers Edge is played on the internet or through local multiplayer conflict, with many different distinct manners. 1 manner, exclusive to this Steam version, is “Twitch Mode”, where audiences in the Twitch chat could mess with all the player’s match by choosing distinct modifiers and perks to add to the match.

In addition, to watch the launch, Fun Punch Games will host two particular Twitch live streams through Striker Edge’s last Steam Open Beta session. Players will be able to watch the game’s programmers and other beta testers go head to head.

You can look at some screenshots in Addition to the announcement trailer below:

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