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Dark Souls: Remastered  has been announced during the latest Nintendo Direct. Shortly later, the official PlayStation blog published a article from Bandai Namco which revealed a number of the attributes that will be from the PS4 Pro version of the game. It turns out, but there was a   rather big error made in the article.

To be honest, the set of attributes was that the standard bullet points for PS4 Pro/Xbox One X variations of games, therefore that it’s entirely possible that it had been included without consideration. The article has since been updated to correct this.

The community head was quick to correct this mistake, taking to Twitter to air the message.

“So to fix a few things that I posted on yesterday – Dark Souls Remastered won’t include new resources based on the Dark Souls 3 motor or some other battle differences. There’s not any HDR lighting for the PS4 Guru version. ”

Regardless of the mistakes made from the announcement, the first game is highly praised, and the remaster has been anticipated for decades so fans can experience the first  Dark Souls on current generation platforms. The game will still feature 4K resolution and also a more straightforward framerate and several other attributes.

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