PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Celeste, developed from the indie team from Matt Thorson (Towerfall) and Noel Barry (Skytorn) was recently given a Launch date for Both PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. I would like’t know about you, but the artstyle we got a peek of was pleasing, and also the very first nine minutes of gameplay which has been recently demonstrated looks even nicer.

Inspired by IGN, the very first nine minutes of Celeste includes the protagonist Madeline and the start of her experience. It has very fluid animations that Towerfall is well known for, in addition to some only beautiful ambient sounds and music.

Between side-scrolling amounts is a overworld map, and the loading screens feature tooltips composed as if they’re postcards sent to the protagonist, that again, is just simply pleasant. The gameplay appears to be somewhat difficult but rewarding. Towerfall was known for its rapid reset. Up to four players will battle it out, but games were very fast, and the following match would begin almost instantly. In addition, this is the case at Celeste, making perishing less of a burden when you can merely keep trying without downtime.

Often times, difficult games tend to be less focused on the narrative and much more focused on just gameplay, however Celeste appears to take care of story   components as a reward for besting battles (instead of a specified). Madeline is a character with a story, and as the video tells hardly any’s quite clear that there’so plenty to tell.

Celeste is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, also Nintendo Switch on January 25, 2018. Check out the first nine minutes of it under:

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