PC, PS4, Xbox One

The good folks at Pearl Abyss have been releasing new courses for Black Desert Online at a nearly mindboggling rate, and one of the most magical elements is just how nicely animated they’re.

The most recent class introduced (from Korea) back in December, the Lahn, is no exception, also has a few absolutely fantastic wuxia-style moves. Just when I believed they couldn’t much better, well… They did.

Pearl Abyss just introduced a new trailer containing the awakening weapon for the Lahn. The only method I can set it’s “mad. ” this type of fight animation is absolutely top-notch in the MMORPG market, and it brings even a lot of AAA single player games straight back to college.

Do keep in mind that the upgrade that can bring this to the american servers is still a few months off since there will necessarily be a time gap for localization. The game can also be shortly getting a new area named Dreegan, which will bring a much-needed party play as a result of the inhabitants of challenging dragons.

In case you would like’t believe me, then just check out the preview below. You can also see how it performs in raw gameplay thanks to the second video by YouTube consumer  키모 KIMO.

Black Desert Online is currently available on PC, and expanding to new platforms, using a mobile version in Korea, and also an Xbox One version coming this year with Xbox One X support. A PS4 variant was teased a while ago, however, Pearl Abyss has been completely quiet about it, likely due to the advertising deal with Microsoft.

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