PC, PS4, Switch

Now Arc System Works announced the Japanese release date of its upcoming fighting game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

The game will launch in Japan on May 31st and on June 5th from North America, 2018 for PS4, PC, and Switch. It’ll cost 5,800 yen and taxes for the packed version, and 5,370 yen plus taxes in digital download.

In addition to the announcement, we also get the show of Blake Belladonna out of RWBY, that will look like a DLC personality.

We learn that there’ll be 20 characters introduced together with the game, however Arc System Works is planning to reach a whole 40 using DLC.   The additional DLC characters will start with Blake Belladonna, then will be split into six sets of three each, plus another on its own. An “All-In-One Pack” with all the figures can be planned.

Even a “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Limited Box” can also be coming for Japan, such as a unique box using a crossover example, a download code for the characters of the All-In-One Bundle, an artbook, an aluminum stand just for the PS4 variant, along with a multi-storage pouch only for the Switch variation.

Below you can see a batch of screenshots, such as Blake Belladonna and the rest of the cast, and the Important artwork Which Will be used on the special box.     If you wish to know about this game, you may enjoy a recent trailer declaring that the North American release at 2018, the first character disclose trailer, the second, the  next, the fourth, the fifth, and   the first tease.

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