But in case you decide to pre-order the game, which is currently available by the official Oculus store, you just have to pay $24.99. In   Brass Tactics, players are going to have access to  6 hours of single-player effort, three gameplay modes, and over twenty maps to play on. In addition to that, gamers will have the choice to personalize their units and military during campaign style, by a broad selection of attributes.

Moreover, the programmer also announced that the game will be getting a free-to-play edition titled Brass Tactics Arena, and will be published around February 15, seven days ahead of the full game can be found.   Brass Tactics Arena enables gamers unlimited use of online and single-player matches and functions more as a demonstration for those unsure about picking the full version of the game.   If you are interested, registration for Brass Tactics Arena is currently live, and you’re able to register here.

For more information on the name, you can take a look at the game’s official site as well as the teaser trailer under this report.   Brass Tactics is set to start next month solely  for the Oculus Rift.

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