PC, PS4, Xbox One

Developer DICE has detailed some adjustments they’ll be bringing to Operation Campaigns at Battlefield 1 which’ll function to make certain servers in the game are as complete as possible.

All players are going to be able to participate in all Operation Campaigns no matter whether or not they own the game’s Premium Pass or purchased the maps as standalone DLC. It’s very important to note that players without the DLC nevertheless won’t be able to access it frequently outside Operation Campaigns. Meaning once a campaign is over the material will be blocked off.   Furthermore, players with no DLC will not have access to their new weapons, vehicles, and elites which are included in whatever material they don’t own.

The developer also has stated that they’re looking into some issues that players have shed light on such as puzzle piece chances, getting close to the complete campaign score but not completing it, and also the range of skins in every single campaign. While no solutions are yet to be implemented, DICE has said that they’re working hard to fixing these issues whenever possible.

You can read more about those changes in more detail by heading here.   Battlefield 1 can be found right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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