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Now that eUnited has taken home the Smite World Championship 2018 decoration, enthusiasts and competitors in and of the game equally can continue referring to the upcoming changes to the conquest map in Season 5. With important mechanical and cosmetic overhauls, Hi-Rez Studios decided to go behind the scenes at one of their latest videos to describe exactly why those changes are occurring.

You may watch the full video under.

On the whole, the studio clarifies the map is becoming so much larger than in prior seasons. They notice that players competing  in a battle of the gods want battles to feel much more epic, thus it was important for us to slow down the speed of their game. With a larger–and even more menacing jungle– the group is expecting to slow down rotations involving the lanes from re-introducing jungle fog and also much more narrow turns and twists to the map.

On a somewhat more thematic notice, Hi-Rez is hoping that the Greek-centric map, spanning from cyclops replacements to brand new Titans, will lend itself naturally than becoming a battleground for those gods according to Executive Producer Chris Larson. In addition, the latest god Cerberus will be happy to know that his home, the Greek underworld, finds itself realized in-game since the new Chaos side of this map.

Smite is available free-to-play on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It’s possible to check out some cosplay of this game out of Hi-Rez Expo 2018 here.

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