PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Death Road to Canada, a co-op Oregon Trail-motivated roguelike stunt game, made waves when it initially released on PC at July of 2016. It had since made its way into iOS, but most were still eagerly awaiting console versions of this game. Those of you waiting’t have to do this for much longer, as   UKIYO Publishing announced today they are working with developers   Rocketcat Games and Madgarden to release Death Road to Canada on PS4, Xbox One, along with Nintendo Switch this Spring.

As stated by the programmers, the console variants of Death Road to Canada will incorporate all the updates and content within the PC version, so console players will probably be getting exactly the identical fun adventure  PC players have had for a year and a half. To match with this announcement, Kepa Auwae, Co-Founder of all Rocketcat Games commented on finally bringing Death Road to Canada into consoles:

“We consider  Death Road To Canada is totally appropriate to be performed in either the home and on the move.   Single player is good of course, however, the neighborhood co-op mode provides a more rapid, more strategic rate to the game. Together with the Nintendo Switch’s Joy Con controls and the guarantee of sofa play PlayStation 4 along with Xbox One, we’re pleased to share the console experience of Death Road to Canada with players Throughout the world. ”

The game prevalently  includes co-op, which means it is possible to flee the US with your pals, but also includes a  powerful narrative to keep players spent in receiving their characters into Canada.

It is possible to see the announcement trailer for the console versions of the game below.

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