There are few games as lauded around the Nintendo 3DS compared to Jools Wathsam’s Mutant Mudds. Earning widespread praise as it published half-a-decade past, it seems that (acquired) developer Atooi believed  Mutant Mudds Collection would be a breakout victory for the Nintendo Switch. But, despite recent reports of breakout earnings numbers along with instant bundles for indie games to the Nintendo stage, Watsham is flagging that some developers must temper expectations.

Writing in a especially blunt Blogspot  post, Watsham talks at length about the current   state of Atooi’s events including forthcoming projects. But something which seems most noteworthy is the listed sales numbers of his flagship IP, Mutant Mudds Collection. Specifically, he noted that the game “has offered only ‘OK’” with a current sell-through of under 7,500 copies.

Even more unexpected  was the lack of sales, despite a heavy advertising push. According to Wattsham, this included a 33% reduction on pre-orders (from $14.99 to $9.99), heavy Facebook advertising and involvement, and even an appearance and plug-in book IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast. Alas, the launch was not the sales success he had heard from other developers in the area.

A lot of Watsham’s blog article was spent Wondering why Dodge Roll’s Enter the Gungeon which released at the same time (in exactly the identical price point) goes to sell 1000% more, roughly 75,000 copies. One of the various speculated reasons was Dodge Roll’s decision to utilize publisher Devolver Digital, or Nintendo’s social media participation when it arrived to   Enter the Gungeon. However, 1 thing never touched in my own blog post is really that Mutant Mudds has appeared in many forms on Nintendo platforms for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U; nonetheless, Enter the Gungeon had only previously been available on non-handheld systems, especially the PC, PS4, along with Xbox One.

Fortunately, the tepid success isn’t acting as a deterrent for Watsham who’s still planning major releases in the near future — next on the list being   Xeodrifter, available on February 15. As mentioned previously, Mutant Mudds Collection is presently accessible for Nintendo Switch (and you should certainly pick up it).

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