Atlus introduced two brand new trailers for their upcoming rhythm names  Persona 5 Dancing Star Night along with Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night.

The trailers revolve around Person 5’s main personality Ryuji Sakamoto because he shows off a few of his moves, with an appearance by Yusuke Kitagawa. In addition, Persona 3’s Yukari Takeba obtained a preview, that not only shows her in a variety of costumes but also has a cameo  by Fuuka Yamagishi.

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night along with Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night play similarly to Persona 4 Dancing All Night, a beat style game in which personalities from the primary name are featured in a brand-new game but must dance instead of struggle. The story is told in more of a book format that is visual rather than an RPG universe and the principal gameplay has players tap on buttons into the game’s soundtrack, using versions of tunes.

At present, Atlus is enabling enthusiasts to cheer on Ryuji or even Yukari via a Twitter campaign at the developer’s official site.

In case you missed it, then tons of fresh screenshots were released showing gameplay and characters in dancing activity.

A launch hasn’t yet been declared at this time.

You can check out the new trailers below:

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