SpellFocre 3 Premiered on PC from Grimlore Games and THQ Nordic past December. Regrettably, it started without modding support, however, the game’so developers have quickly fixed this issue and published a few pretty strong modding tools for SpellForce 3 into the community today.

This modding tool is also quite powerful because it gives modders the capability to make maps using all of the very same programs as the game’so developers, but in addition contains an scripting. ” This means modders can alter the game to their liking to create new modes. The programmers also directly said the tools ’ capability to make Horde and MOBA manners, and are encouraging this also.

The game is supposed to last players 30 hours, however these modding tools hint there is far more interesting stuff to come from SpellForce 3’s community. The map creator and scripting editor can be downloaded straight from the game’s Steam page, and even include a tutorial and glossary so people can easily get the hang of these tools. All these modding programs are available for free, though SpellForce 3 prices $49.99.

You can take a look at a preview showcasing the game’s modding software below. SpellForce 3 is currently on PC. If you would like to see our thoughts on a pre-release build of the game, you may take a look at our SpellForce 3 preview.  

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