Today, tinyBuild Games announced a whole slew of titles coming into the Nintendo Switch this year, including their actions stealth game Party Hard.  

If you’re not acquainted with Party Hard, you perform with a serial killer whose goal is to invade a bunch of distinct parties and murder everyone at them without getting captured. If you kill somebody and have seen the partygoers will telephone law enforcement and should they discover a dead body that they’ll even call the cops. You are able to hide bodies and put off different traps at every location to create your kills as inconspicuous as you can.

You’ll have access to a complete lot of limited use weapons like firearms, bombs, along with stun grenades  that may be gathered on each map. Various traps are also available, you’ll be able to start fires, even poison the drinks, cause speakers to burst, and more. The game allows you to play from an overhead perspectivewhich will give you the ability to view everything that’s going on and plan accordingly.

You may take a look at the game’s new Switch trailer down below.

In case you missed any other announcements from the tinyBuild livestream, the publisher also announced they’d be bringing   The Final Station, Streets of Rogue, Hello Neighbor, Punch Clubalong with  ClusterTruck into the Switch this year.

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