PS4, Switch

During a particular Nintendo Switch livestream occasion, tinyBuild Games showed off a brief teaser trailer for their survival horror stealth title   Hello Neighbor.

If you’re not knowledgeable about  Hello Neighbor your goal is easy, sneak in to your neighbor’s home and then enter their basement to discover a secret. The title’s artificial intelligence will adapt based on how you’ve moved past playthroughs. That means you may find an unexpected trap planted along a path you chose in a previous attempt.

Getting into the neighbor’s cellar won’t be as easy as it sounds. Before you have access to the basement you ’ ll need to complete unique objectives. If a neighbor catches you also and you ’ re not enough to escape, then it ’ s straight back to the beginning, you ’ ll need to split his house all over again.

The game will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 sometime this season and will cost you $39.99. You may check the teaser trailer out down below.

In case you missed some other statements from the tinyBuild livestream, the publisher also declared they’d be bringing   The Final Station, Party Hard, Punch Club, Streets of all Roguealong with  ClusterTruck into the Switch this year.

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