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Today Square Enix hosted a   Kingdom Hearts III presentation at the Western D23 Expo in Tokyo, and We All got a new trailer.

The movie, that you can have a look at below, shows a new world based on Monsters Inc..  And shows the yield of Vanitas and Marluxia, that return from previous iterations of this franchise. We see new outfits for Mickey and Riku.

Unfortunately if you expected a launch date or a window to be declared at the case, that did not occur. For the moment we all have is a standard “2018” in accordance with the earlier statement produced in July 2017.

We also get the reveal of the theme song by Hikaru Utada, known as “Oath.

It is possible to take pleasure in the preview below, along with another video featuring Utada-san’s new song. If you want to see more, it is also possible to watch the preceding trailer along with a batch of screenshots comprising the Toy Story world.

You might also read our latest meeting with Director Tetsuya Nomura himself, and check out the English edition of the tune.

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