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Far Cry 5 is less than two months away, and everyone in the gaming community is gearing up to research Hope Country, Montana. This includes book IGN, who debuted a five-minute lengthy video showcasing the variety of gameplay — particularly when taking down an outpost.

Launched under within this IGN First series, the video showcases three different techniques to approach clearing out an outpost: a more traditional sneaking strategy, a sniper process, and a guns-blazing eliminate every single living thing. The movie (accessible 4K) starts at the identical point — that an enemy-occupied outpost. Anyone acquainted with this series knows that you need to clear them, but that’s where the paths diverge.

One noteworthy point in all 3 runs is they use different companions: Grace the sniper expert, Boomer the sneaky fantastic boye, and Nick Ryan (specialist bomber). Every of them plays with their respective components. Grace can choose the spot on a tower, shooting enemies and producing crossfire — moving up to killing   every enemy with no assistance in the video. Boomer may scout out targets, indicating them. And his bomber airplane can be rained hell-fire from above through by Nick Ryan. Obviously, you would know who all three of those characters are if you saw the resistance member trailers before this week.

Aside from that, Far Cry 5 has turned into plenty of other cool information this past month — including that Far Cry 3: Classic Edition would come as a pack in on PS4 along with Xbox One for people catching the Far Cry 5 season pass. This really is a superb incentive, because the majority of the game’s versions — such as the 4,000 unit limited Mondo Edition — doesn’t have the season pass packed in.

You can check out the video below showing off the gameplay options:

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