Eureka is an unexplored and untamed land in which the components are constantly in flux. Parties could be formed and disbanded in will, and we now’ll be in a position to delight in a completely different form of progression.

This can be represented by the elemental level, which suggests our capacity to survive and control the elements. The elemental amount cap at launch will probably be 20, but it’s going to be increased gradually during the series of 4.X updates from here on the next expansion. Progression is going to be consistent, so you’ll keep your degree in subsequent visits.

Elemental XP is obtained by defeating enemies, and it’ll be affected by the number of players on your party and the challenge offered by the monsters. Soloing is possible, and chain bonuses may also apply.

Players can slot Magicite into a “Magia Board” strengthening your relationship with the components. By enhancing affinity with an element, you’ll increase the damage you deal to enemies of the poorer component, and your protection against attacks from the identical element. Interestingly, the board may be rotated depending on the creature you wish to battle, but that consumes a gauge which can recover over time, so it is possible to’t do it with no constraints.   The gauge may also be replenished by talking to the Magia Melder at the beginning. He may change your own Magicite configuration.

Funnily, creatures will pursue players for more spaces than in the remainder of the game, increasing the degree of challenge.

Eureka includes death penalties, which means that you’ll have to be cautious. This doesn’t happen if another player resurrects you inside ten minutes in the own death.

Should you’re over tiered degree 10, passing can actually lessen your elemental XP underneath zero, resulting in a level down, that’s the loss of an elemental level. The message you’ll receive will be very familiar to Final Fantasy XI veterans.

By braving the challenges of Eureka, you can acquire Eureka equipment and weapons. You can also drop Protean Crystals which could be employed to improve gear. However, to completely update them, you’ll want items which are dropped by infamous monsters. Those require collaboration with other players to kill and also supply a good deal of elemental XP. Contribution to conflicts is very similar to FATEs, which means you don’t should strike first and claim the monster to become rewarded.

Interestingly, the rewards we now’ll get comprise job-specific AF3 gear that may be dyed (I can’t wait to receive my own Paladin AF3 in black), outfits together with removed role needs, and even nostalgic ones such as the Scorpion Harness in Final Fantasy XI.

Here you can view all of the slides of the presentation, on top of some of the equipment which may be obtained at Eureka, and a notorious monster.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC, also recently it only obtained  a massive update numbered 4.2 and titled “Rise of a New Sun.” One of the many changes, players will have the ability to resist the iconic Phantom encounter and everyone’s most treasured  Final Fantasy villain, Kefka.

If you would like to find out more about Final Fantasy XIV, it is also possible to appreciate our recent meeting using Naoki Yoshida and our overview of this  Stormblood  expansion.

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