Looks like Sony is stepping on the gas of God of War‘so advertising, as yesterday a movie of the game was projected during an NBA game in Oakland.

What made the experience rather special is that ’ s one hell of a screen, and the video was displayed on the court.

You may take a look at the recording under, courtesy of Sports World Videos.

This really isn’t the first marketing stunt Sony pulls for the game lately Sony released a small and adorable old-school text experience minigame, and by solving it we found out eight distinct pieces of art in mad resolution.

If you want to see more about God of War, then you  may take pleasure in the latest narrative trailera different recent trailera few images from a couple of weeks ago, a big bunch of information on the combat system, the latest   gameplay presented at   Paris Games Weekplus a trailer showing  the Dead Giant Stone Mason (which seemingly gives his name to this variant)another clip showcasing the enemy creatures named Revenant that we could also view herean identical video   focusing on the Draugr, also a single  displaying the flame troll.

The game will start on April 20th for PS4.

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