PC, PS4, Xbox One

The very first video you’ll see below is a demonstration of the basics of the game, showing pretty much what a newbie into the game needs to know to get into it. The video goes a bit more detailed.

The next movie is where things get interesting, as we get to see a game involving of Grøh and Nightmare. In addition, we get to see both characters Edge moves.

The movie showcases the women in action. We get to find the Edge for both women.

The next video shows a match involving  Grøh and Kilik, and this time around at the controls really are pro-player Yuta “Kamisama” Kamizono from team Godsgarden against the game’s Battle Planner. And here we get a opportunity to see Kilik’s Edge in action and a few high-level gameplay.

The video features the very same contenders, playing Grøh and Mitsurugi. At the very first match Kamisama reached a narrow victory but in the moment the developer was able to have his own revenge.

Alas, the quality of the video is the usual for Nico Nico, so quite low. Regrettably developers keep using it so this is what we get.

You are able to check out all the videos below. It is also possible to like a batch of screenshots, 1 minutes of direct-feed gameplay which we filmed in a recent press eventa current trailer that introduced Grøh and marked the return of Kilik, Nightmare and Xianghua, another   trailer from December  comprising Sophitia,  a different gameplay video, also  several screenshots showing more of Sophitia and Mitsurugi.

SoulCalibur VI  will start in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, also PC.

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