PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

While consensus is that DOOM on Nintendo Switch is a great port to a handheld system, few could deny that it isn’t just a small rough round the edges   compared to the PC, PS4, or even Xbox One versions. And while id Software and programmers difficulty Button may’t fix some problems stemming from the inherent hardware, a forthcoming update is seeking to fix some of the more noteworthy problems that fans and critics are pointing out.

News comes directly from DOOM’s verified Twitter accounts, in which they disclosed that later this month that an update for the Nintendo Switch variation will fix sound Problems, bring menu fixes, and much more:

Little else is known about the update — of course, we will see more patch notes. However, in the event the UI or the noted audio concerns have been keeping you back from enjoying with the game, you are able to go into buying the game having a little more confidence.

For people living under a rock from a number of the greatest FPS games this creationDOOM started in ancient 2016 to thunderous applause — a authentic return-to-form for the   series. The game came out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but left its way into Nintendo Switch last Fall.

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