PC, PS4, Xbox One

Dynasty Warriors 9 launches tomorrow also Koei Tecmo is celebrating the occasion with a fresh launch trailer.

The movie showcases the game’s giant open universe, which is surely the greatest new feature of the game, in addition to its one vs. hundreds combat, and its huge array of colorful characters inspired by the personalities of the Three Kingdoms.

It’ll be fascinating to understand how much the gameplay will carry the game (well, I already know, but that I will’t tell you… however), however for now it is possible to enjoy the footage and see if it arouses you.

You can check out the movie below, and also look forward which’s forthcoming soon. If you want to view more, you may enjoy a preview comprising pre-assembled costumes that the  latest batch of character videosand one released just before. In addition, we have  a large chunk of Xbox One gameplay, much more  footage in the PS4 version from last weekend, alsothat the  show of a few NPCs alongside a trailer focusing on conflict gameplay, the   newest batch of character trailersmore trailers in the exact same series, also a  recent video showing many actions we can enjoy from the open universe, also a  few screenshots focusing pretty far about the same topicsthe very first trailer linked to the open globe,  a different batch of character trailersmuch more of the same from a day or two before more character trailers, along with a semi-recent character reveal topped by gameplay trailers.

The western release will soon hit the shelves  on February 13th. In the west, this game may start for Xbox One, and PC.

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