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Today Square Enix hosted a Weapon Together with the Creation team of Final Fantasy XV at the Closing Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition Now open in the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi, Tokyo.

It came with really interesting details about the upcoming Royal Edition along with the evolution of the game along with its own DLC expansions.

Developers also teased that the Royal Edition will consist of additions to the narrative  and also that a new update coming to the main game in March, even if no information was given on its actual content.

You can read the outline below. Keep in mind that it contains spoilers for those who have not played the game, so in the event you wish to go in blind once the Royal Edition along with  Windows Edition launch next month, you should refrain from studying further.

  1. Because Ignis’s characterization was difficult to get across compared to Prompto along with Gladio’s, his display time in Chapter 1 was raised.
  2. Ignis’s tours were more difficult to come up with than Prompto and Gladio’therefore, so that they utilized “eyeglasses” as a beginning point in the brainstorming phase.
  3. The car-pushing event at the beginning of Chapter 1 was originally going to be 15 minutes long.
  4. To boost the feelings of delight and anticipation a journey entails, the Rock of all Ravatogh has been designed to be observable while the player pushes the car in Chapter 1.
  5. In Chapter 3 it was initially assumed that there would be many more people going to Iris than to the Chocobos, however it was to be another way around.
  6. The Royal Edition will supplement the main story; please appreciate the various additions!
  7. The group couldn’t go into detail, but there’ll be another update in March.
  8. Episode Duscae was originally going to become “Episode Titan,” but it was afterwards changed for a demo centered around an open-world experience.
  9. A spectacle which has been cut from the primary game where Gladio flirts with Sania was added into the FFXV Pocket Edition. It depicted Noctis fighting along with her too as Bahamut, who didn’t look much in the main game.
  10. It was initially planned for players to have the ability to craft items in the trunk of their Regalia. If you set meat it would become. It evolved into strategies for an event in which Cindy puts bag into the back though this wasn’t implemented. The back was cut out of the game.
  11. Episode Ignis was going to be just like a strategy-based RPG (t/n: think Dragon Age style), but that made struggles rather boring, therefore it became what it currently is.
  12. Battle controls in Comrades were discussed. The team shared issues after the orders were being developed by them, and humorous anecdotes which came up.
  13. Noctis was originally going to really have a bachelor party in Galdin Quay, however due to Hajime Tabata, it was deemed that it would be hard to actually relax under the situation and had been cut. (t/n: assuming そらはない is 空がない, that means something like “restless atmosphere”)
  14. The numerous endings of Episode Ignis bothering at the beginning. There was also disagreement over what could occur upon placing on the ring. The group started growing from the thought that loss of vision wasn’t an only an aesthetic option. In terms of the endings, since the ending of the most important game was good, the ending carries a feeling of denial.

The game will be available on PC on March 6th, along with the Royal Edition for PS4 along withXbox One. If you would like to view more, you’ll be able to check out a trailer for every, and a batch of 4K screenshots, and also a few rather mad images recorded thanks to Nvidia Ansel at the recently-released benchmark of the Windows Edition. In case you can’t run the benchmark yourself,   you can also enjoy a movie.

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