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In case you followed the Kingdom Hearts III information over the weekend, you most likely have heard the allegation that the game’s launch date will soon be announced at E3.

This was sparked by a only tweet in Western from a user who appeared to signify this launch timing. It was picked up and confused as an true report of an official announcement. This kind of rumors tend to propagate virally, because it usually happens, and theyre tricky to stop.

It was clear to us that the author wasn’t in attendance, after we checked out that the tweet, and he seemed to be only imagining that since the release date was not disclosed at D23 Expo, it was probably going to come at E3.

To be able to get to the bottom of the matter, DualShockers reached out to Square Enix, which confirmed our suspicion: there was no mention of a release date time in the show.

The official information concerning the launch timing stays the “2018” in the end of the trailer. Its worth mentioning that this doesn’t imply that E3 is revealed in by a release date in June is impossible, but simply that Square Enix didn’t announce it, so when it really comes we ll have to wait and see.

If you wish to see more about the game, you now can observe  the newest Japanese trailer  and the reveal of the new song by Hikaru Utada “Oath,” and also the English variation and song “Don’t Think Twice,” on top of some great screenshots. It is also possible to  read some extra information, and enjoy our semi-recent meeting with Game Director Tetsuya Nomura himself, speaking about Development, Keyblade Mechanics and considerably more. We also obtained the statement of a new committed Bring Arts figure for Riku only yesterday.

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