PC, Xbox One

One of the smaller but more Intriguing looking indie Names to come from Microsoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference was the sci-fi co-op FPG Deep Rock Galactic, Produced by Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. We haven’t heard a lot about the title since then, however today we heard that Deep Rock Galactic will soon be hitting Steam Early accessibility on PC and Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One on February 28.

Søren Lundgaard, CEO and Co-Founder of Ghost Ship Games, had the following to discuss bringing Deep Rock Galactic into Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview:

“Moving into Historical Access and Game Preview, we are really excited to continue developing the game with the help of our community that is awesome. At launch, 7 areas of Earth Hoxxes will be ready to explore mine and get dropped in, but this is just the start and Hoxxes has begun giving up her secrets. We can’t wait to begin implementing all of them and have SO many ideas. ”

For all those who don’t understand, Deep Rock Galactic is an co-op FPS game that occurs on the hostile world of Hoxxes IV. Players must mine valuable gems and metals from the planet but also need to fend off waves of most aliens. There are four different classes: Driller, Engineer, Scout, and Gunner; they have roles.

You may take a look at a trailer revealing the Early Access release date to the game beneath.

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