The transfer of the western publishing rights of Muv-Luv and   Muv-Luv Alternative out of Degica Games back to Ixtl caused a couple of issues, culminating with the elimination of both games from sale on Steam.

The writer made a statement in the end of January, citing the games would return this month with various AppIDs, but that left those who didn’t back the original successful Kickstarter campaign and bought the names then with doubts.

Lately, Ixtl published an upgrade that declared a solution for those difficulties. First of all, people who purchased the games can install them at any time simply by finding them within their library.

After the games relaunch on Steam theyll be able to get Ixtl so as to obtain the versions if they desire. They will be posting more information on how get  them when they make certain everything is working under the new accounts.

Muv-Luv and Alternative will relaunch on Steam this past month and will come back to PS Vita shortly, both physically and digitally.

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