Today Sega introduced a brand new trailer of this Shining Resonance PS4 remaster Shining Resonance Refrain.

The trailer showcases the characters that show up in the game, including the brand new playable characters Excela and Jenius.

We also get to find between them, that permit the player to emphasise their friendship s day. Check out lots of costumes included from the remaster and the new features completes the scenario.

In addition to the preview, we have two backgrounds for PC and tablets including the game’s waifus to celebrate Valentine.

It’s possible to enjoy the preview below. If you wish to see more, you   can like the last trailerseveral screenshotsthe very first trailer, yet another  recent gallery of screenshots, along with an earlier batch of pictures. We also recently saw some  magic illustrations by Tony Taka.

According to a recent interview on Famitsu, it could also  come west, and this also seems to have been semi-confirmed by a rating in Australia, actually though Sega remains silent on it. Considering just how much I love Tony Taka’s job, and also that the game is definitely an interesting RPG of a series which hasn’t been around I really hope people get word about it.

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