Following the achievement of this studio’s project, Raw Data, several fans of the game (like myself) were hoping Survios’ next project will be within the same realm; offering more elegant gameplay and making improvements on  Raw Data. So, this past year when Survios declared  Sprint Vector it was safe to say it threw everyone off.

Even though the game does not offer an in-depth narrative, Sprint Vector makes up for this with its own invention and quirkiness — more especially, the game’s special locomotion technique called “fluid locomotion” — which requires players to pump their arms as they stand in place. However, what Sprint Vector lacks in narrative it makes up for it in the form of the game’therefore setting: graphically it’so beautiful. Unlike the gritty realism located in Raw DataSprint Vector has immersed entirely within this world; at times I really felt like I was actually on an intergalactic game show, in the moment the vibrant colour screen and the primary menu appeared right before my eyes, and I knew this game had a ton of colour to flaunt.

In the beginning, it might seem like it’s on level with skiing with ski poles or taking a run, all while holding down the trigger as you begin to flex your arms. Astonishingly, I was shocked without responsive the controls ; there is not any denying that Spring Vector is among the quickest VR games on the market (even faster than Raw Data). Any virtual reality gamers out there will understand that rapid locomotion is no hit or miss at VR games, watching as that was just Survios second job, the team took a substantial bet on tackling among the most significant problems in VR. Still, the payoff was totally worth it is a testament which the development group at Survios is exceptionally talented in this area of gaming.

Speaking of the gameplay, if you’re thinking about purchasing this game, ensure that you dress in certain athletic clothes and be prepared to break out a sweat because Sprint Vector will deliver a constant aerobic workout. I won’t go so far as mentioning its P90X or CrossFit levels of exercise, but playing the game for an elongated period can leave you sweating substantially. This isn’t an immediate criticism of the game, however this is something that I felt needed to be revealed for those who might not appreciate physically demanding video games in their library.

Sprint Vector Review -- An Ambitious, Yet Limited Platformer

At launch, Sprint Vector contains nine solo battle maps, three manners and twelve aggressive maps, which can be played against AI players online with friends. Given that this is regarded as a racing game to some level, the minimum quantity of maps has been slightly underwhelming, especially when you believe other racing games had provided greater race tracks if they originally published. It doesn’t help the fact that although there are multiple routes, the overall tracks themselves sense linear.

On each of the maps that are competitive, you can find appropriately positioned powerups; much like powerups, you would find in games such as Mario Kart, nitro, bombs, slow-downs, guided missiles, etc.. The one difference between kart races and Sprint Vector is that you need to put in significant effort to obtain them, like climbing, and double jumping, doing this will, obviously, benefit the player by supplying them the upper hand into races. Powerups aren’t the one thing you may face, as mentioned in a previous paragraph, each race track is filled with deadly objects, which can slow you down in the midst of a race. Crushing pistons, nuclear waste spills, and a slew of different items will always have you in your toes and test your fast reflexes. While some may argue that these barriers do not belong into the game, it adds to the game’s difficulty by giving a fair challenge to make sure that each victor has ever earned their triumph.

When it comes to playing single-player AI it, unfortunately, is unsatisfactory. Most racing games, the AI will make it possible for the player the chance to catch up; today there are two different types of racing AI – one will allow you to catch up, yet still, put up a great struggle to maintain their lead against you. While the other AI will maintain a moderate rate and will not put up a challenge to have you earn the right to select the lead. Regrettably, Sprint Vector‘s AI in single-player is really the next type.

Sprint Vector Review -- An Ambitious, Yet Limited Platformer

Maybe, it can be me, personally, I enjoy just a little bit of challenge in my games, particularly racing and sports games. I do not want to feel like I could win easily with minimal exertion, I want to feel like I earned it genuinely. Perhaps this is addressed in a future patch, however at time of launching, the single-player AI is disappointing, especially when you think some might want to switch into single-player AI matches to help them make better so they can be more frontrunners when they test their skills in online events.

Sprint Vector does not offer any form of cup races along with your average single-player racing progressions. There are a few leaderboard challenges which you can complete, however you can tell the most prominent attention in the game is its multiplayer mode, which might turn off a few of those that enjoy single-player content over multiplayer content. However, regardless of the absence of standard single-player features within a racing game, you can find solo battle maps, such as time trial races, coin set, merely to mention a few, which I believed, make up (marginally) for the lack thereof single-player articles.

One minute you might be the fastest racer in the party, although the next minute the person who acquired was almost a minute and a half faster than you. I won’t lie, this provides an excellent dose of problem, but this may dissuade those from playing on line.

Sprint Vector Review -- An Ambitious, Yet Limited Platformer

Speaking of racing other people, there, unfortunately, there is no way you can sneak their powerups, so if you come in contact with them at any stage in the race don’t expect to accept anything from them as this attribute is not non-existent. Furthermore, the character selection doesn’t impact the race entirely, while each of these characters is vibrant, quirky, and cartoonish that is the one thing that makes them distinct. Every one of these contestants is equally balanced, which can be good and bad – right in the sense that not one particular character is being mistreated, but wrong in the sense it does hinder people from attempting new contestants and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Sprint Vector might have a great deal of issues; nonetheless, I believe that the pros outweigh the cons, particularly once you consider that Survios has quieted VR movement using its “Fluid Locomotion” motion. The actual problem is whether if Survios was able to handle a huge problem in VR gaming: in a  reductive manner yes — yes they did. Many of the cons found in the game could really be repaired in future stains, however, the most crucial danger that the game handled was in-fact the game’therefore motion. A prime example of high heeled, high-reward, Survios’s Sprint Vector is a game  each VR operator should consider.

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