PC, PS4, Xbox One

Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks released their Terror game sequel The Evil Within 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One Final October. The game received great reviews, because it improved on the original. While the game generally plays at third-person, a first-person style has been added into the game as part of a new upgrade.

This also gives the game a lot of replayability, as some thing similar to a perspective can radically alter any given scenario feels in-game. The choice may also be toggled off and on at any time through an in-game menu, so players may choose to use both perspectives they believe they will be the most impactful.

Considering how popular first-person horror games such as Outlast II along with Resident Evil VII are, I’m surprised   that the developers included the first-person perspective to the game to cater to a broader niche of terror game lovers.   Shinsaku Ohara, Producer in Tango Gameworks, commented about Including a first-person mode to The Evil Within 2:

“a great deal of players like playing with games in first-person, so for people who want to observe a number of those game’s scenarios through Sebastian’s eyes, it’s a really awesome experience.   I think researching Union in first-person creates the scale texture even larger if you’re in third-person, than it does. Being able to see enemies and our environments allows players to find an even better look at just how much effort went into their designs. ”

You can take a look at a brand new video showcasing the game’s first-person manner below. The Evil Within 2 is currently accessible on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you wish to view DualShockers’ ideas on this game, you are able to check our review.  

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