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It’s difficult to not appreciate  Celeste — a private narrative of overcoming hardship and psychological distress, the game is alright being mentioned as an indie darling and frontrunner for many of 2018’s Game of the Year headlines. In their effort to always correct the game and keep it fairly competitive in the right segments, programmer Matt Makes Games has issued an update for PC (finally coming into consoles) that will correct a speedrunning tap, and retconning the present standings and scores from the process.

News stems from   Celeste‘s official dev site, where the upgrade — branded V1.2.1.0 — was totally detailed. The noteworthy change is into this exploit that is speedrunning even though everything falls into the overall insect and glitch correct category. According to the patch notes, the timer could pause through fatalities, cutscenes, and in-game menus  . The gaming area (in average min-max gaming community fashion) used this attribute to retry different phases of a Chapter. However, developer Matt Makes Games is a speedrun purist and wanted to eliminate that option from Celeste players’ toolbox:

It was possible to exploit the timer by retrying on several screen transitions, which we didn’t believe was an enjoyable way to play.

Therefore that this does have the drawback evidently, no fantastic deed goes unpunished. On the other hand, the development team chose to make this changewhile the game is still early in its speedrun life. ”

While the upgrade is available for PC, console players shouldn’t feel too left out. According to a number of the programmers Noel Berry console players can expect the upgrade

Celeste started to wide approval in the gaming community at large, garnering solid critical reviews — especially from DualShockers.

Celeste can be obtained instantly for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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