Frontwing established a Kickstarter because of their forthcoming visual novel   Momoiro Closet to offer western lovers a chance to obtain physical goods.

Momoiro Closet is a visual book that stars the pupil council president Kagamihara Alice, who is also a  covert otaku. While visiting stores Hashima Reiji is met by her, plus they end up researching their coplay fetishes that are otaku together.

The game is headed by visual novel veterans, for example, personality designsfrom INO, and the story by Yuhi Nanao. Additionally, the in-universe TV series “Frill & Lace” showcases character style from Akio Watanabe, who is known for Grisaia along with also the Monogatari series. Also, the game’s key theme song, “Voila!

Frontwing, who is heading   Momoiro Closet’s localization, is asking for $35,000 for the game’s effort. The tiers include goods such as, a copy of the game, art books, along with  tapestries, ranging from several price points.

There is a free patch available to players who would like to unlock the adult version of the game, otherwise the Steam variation will probably be for all-ages.

You can check out the gamepicture s opening under:

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