PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

To observe, a launch trailer for the game was released.

Along with providing a taste of the game’s soundtrack, this video shows the game’s world and abilities. Most of the in-game locations were based on real-life places across where the Tarahumara people reside, which provides the game some validity.

Players are able to transform into four animal in Mulaka after getting the power. Including travel across the water a puma a necessity to destroy objects that are huge, and a snake for objects and a transformation to fly with . If you wish to receive a good overview of everything Mulaka appears and plays like before buying it, this launching trailer is a fantastic point to watch.

You can check the launch preview out below. Mulaka is currently available on PC and PS4, also can start on Nintendo Switch March 1 plus Xbox One March 2. If you wish to view DualShockers’ ideas on the game, you also can check our review.

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