Cottongame’s Little Triangle will soon be released on the Nintendo Switch. The indie title has a single player experience with even and just two difficulty settings a battle royale mode for multiplayer mayhem.

The game promises to provide more than triangle characters to choose between, over six boss fights and 35 levels, and thirty five maps for the battle royale mode. Platformer style has hardcore and casual difficulties and requires sparking a double-jump technique found in other platformers. Joining the single-player elements of the game to the multiplayer is what produces the battle royale mode magical and comical.

The game is published by Shanghai-based Dreamoji, which is a company specializing in bringing Chinese games into the rest of the world. The game is created by Cottongame, also based in Shanghai, with a history on consoles and mobile platforms.

Little Triangle to get Nintendo Switch will release on March 1st. Its out for Xbox One, while the PS4 and PC versions are available only in certain Asian countries at the moment.

Little Triangle's Release for Nintendo Switch Announced; Coming March 1stLittle Triangle's Release for Nintendo Switch Announced; Coming March 1st

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