Flyhigh Works shown their rhythm action game Voez will receive   a physical release on Nintendo Switch in North America this past summer.

The gameplay revolves round rhythm where players must tap , swipe, or maintain notes as they travel across the monitor. Each song has three difficulty levels which dictate the speed of their notes.

Voez features 50 unique songs which offer various genres of music and tempos for players to learn. During gameplay, players can recreate animated episodes that provide a story to the game, which might not be mandatory, but its still a nice reward for getting through the more difficult tracks.

Flyhigh Works is famous for additional  Nintendo Switch titles such as Kamiko  and   VOEZ, and most lately, Ambition of the Slimes created its way into the console. The developer has demonstrated interest in unique genres, but every release demonstrates shows they’re dedicated to providing quality indie entertainment to players.

In case you missed it, then you can check out the trailer for Ambition of the Slimes.

Voez is set to release physically in North America this Summer for about $39.99.

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