Today Bandai Namco published a large batch of screenshots of its upcoming strategy JRPG Super Robot Wars X.

We get to fulfill with the game’s personalities, which urge’t come in just one of recognized series featured in this title.

Iori Iolite is a part of the bewitching clergy that protects the purchase in the world of Al Wrath. He is courageous and passionate, with a sense of justice. He has been exploring magical (which on Al Wrath is known as Dogma) since his childhood.

Amari Aquamarine is a member of the organization. She’s polite and serious, but she’s a facet. Yet, deep within she adopts a conclusion.

Hops is a creature produced from Dogma. He provides guidance and combat assistance, and shouts with the protagonist,

Zelgard is Iori’s Automobile Warlock, a robot developed by the arrangement to guard Al Wrath’s peace. Thanks to some magitek items forearm, also it allows for utilization of Dogma. However the amplification factor is shaky, and a lot varies based on the capability and state of its own pilot.

We get to see some distinctive skills coming like the Cupling System for Bradyon and Luxon Remove Limiter for the Gundam F-91, plus much much more, with specific components.

You can check all of them out below. If you would like to find out more, you also can like a current trailer, also a commercial.

Super Robot Wars X will launch in Japan on March 29th, 2018 for PS4 and PS Vita, followed by the launch from Southeast Asia on April 26th. English subtitles will be included by the variant, together with Japanese voices.

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