Today, publisher 3D Realms and developer Voidpoint have announced its old-school first-person shot, Ion Maiden, has entered Steam Early Access. There was A trailer released flaunting its mix of retro-style and modern shooting mechanics.

At Ion Maiden, you’ll play as Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, a bomb disposal specialist for the Global Defense Force, as she attempts to shoot down transhumanist cult leader Dr. Jadus Heskel’s army at Neo DC.

As you fight the cybernetic military and learn more about the multi-path levels of the game, you will use a variety of weapons, each having different ammo types or an alternate fire mode. As an instance, the shotgun has a firing mode that allows you use grenades as volatile rounds.

The improvements to this motor allowed the developers to include amounts, more colors, transforming maps, and much more.

In the press release, this really is what 3D Realms Vice President, Frederik Schreiber, stated about bringing back the Build engine and the game:

“withdrawing shooters that are classic has been our aim for many years, therefore that we’re directly into a successor to the games that put 3D Realms. The team assembled for this project knows exactly how to execute our vision, and we couldn’t be much eager to finally bring back a genuine 3D Realms shooter. ”

While it revels in its old-school features, Ion Maiden implements mechanics which you would expect in a modern shooter such as headshots, control assistance, along with autosaves.

Ion Maiden is expected to start in Q3 2018 for both PC, Mac, and Linux. You are able to pick it up on Steam Early Access today for $19.99.

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