PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Publisher Curve Digital and Programmer IronOak Games Declared For The King will be coming out of early access in April Using PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions set to launch in Ancient 2019.

For The King is really a rogue-like RPG — mixing gameplay elements from JRPGs and strategy games — where you’ll research and battle over the kingdom of Fahrul to avenge your murdered King. The quests, maps, and events are all created making every playthrough feel fresh and unique. The game will include solo and co-op (local and online) play with so you can confront the various creatures or with a friend.

Launched in 2015, IronOak Games is based in Vancouver, Canada and is composed of programmers who’ve worked on games like Sleeping Dogs, Dead Rising, and Need for Speed. For The King will be the very first game the programmer releases.

For The King is a passion project for people and very much an homage to the RPG genre. Early Access has been perfect for this game, allowing us to listen to lovers and make the game powerful, polished and fun as you can. With its full launch, and also our brand new printing deal with Curve, we can not wait to get more players to experience For The King.”

A Kickstarter effort for For The King started in 2015 where it smashed its financing target of $30,000 hitting $87,500. The game then entered early accessibility exactly one year back where it was priced at $14.99. When the game completely releases for PC at April, this price increases to $19.99.

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