In the event that you were eagerly awaiting for the PC version of Pure Wish’s magical visual novel (having a dark side) Song of Memories, I’ve got terrible news and decent news.

The good news is that the game has been released now on Steam, and is currently available available for $34.99. The bad news is the fact that it started with Japanese and Chinese language.

Luckily, there is other good news, at the simple fact that both English and French text are cited as “coming shortly. ” So we only need to wait a bit longer.

Song of Memories is among those visual novels that start to your typical love harem stories but then twists radically into a much darker tone, but rather much like my most cherished  Muv-Luv.  

Here is a formal description by the developer:

Precious Moments That May Never Come

Although there’s been a pandemic due to an unknown virus, the protagonist spends his days happily surrounded by six beautiful classmates. Little does he understand the destiny that awaits him… The “frequent path” that is the first half of the game, is filled with plenty of occasions! Enjoy minutes with the heroines. Over 100 events such as a pool occasion along with dates!

An Epic Fully Animated Adventure Game

Unlike no other adventure game previously, this game features the 2D animation application “E-mote” that offers animation in most dialogue scenes and cut scenesfeel like you were seeing an anime. Moreover, the whole massive scenario is voiced completely (such as the protagonist) and contains detailed reactions with of the characters, which makes players wish to watch all the lines of dialogue without bypassing them.

Over 30 Songs Included in the Game!

This game features over 30 music within the production. There are two opening theme tunes and 6 end theme tunes. The 3D battle system includes rhythm game characteristics in which you pick characters from the girl group “Fantasy 4 You” to create combinations for your conflict songs.

In addition, we get the system needs, which seems… somewhat demanding to get a book that is visual, as completely revived as it could be.

It’s possible to assess a couple screenshots and graphics below.

If you’d rather play the game on consoles, it’s coming on PS4 and Switch after this year, courtesy of PQube.

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