Nintendo dropped a bombshell of an announcement during its Nintendo Direct yesterday using the reveal that, yes, Super Smash Bros.. Is coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year, and luckily it seems that the series creator will soon be back in the fight once again.

After its announcement in this week’s Nintendo Direct, series creator Masahiro Sakurai verified via Twitter he is really working on the next   Smash Bros.. Game coming to the Switch later this year.

While it’s not understood however if Sakurai himself will soon be directing the name (because he did all four previous installments of the series) or taking on a different role (such as a producer or creative manager), Sakurai did state that although “I’m still in the stage of simply declaring the name, but I remain silent and functioning day by day. ”

As of this moment, details about the game are pretty rare, however Sakurai urged to “please wait until the time that articles can be released or released” up to more information or updates regarding the game are involved. Given that E3 is coming up in a month or two, I believe it’s safe to state that will another stage where we could hear more about the upcoming forthcoming  Smash Bros.. title.

Super Smash Bros.. Is now in development for Nintendo Switch and expected to arrive later this year. At this point, that’s all we know about it, but you can read our latest editorial speculating on what characters might show up in the Switch version.

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