Splatoon 2 only doesn’t cease. Today watched the statements not only of a no cost 3.0 update which includes new channels, clothes, and much more, but in addition a single-player expansion where you play as a Octoling.

Let’s start with the free update. Version 3.0 will include over a hundred new pieces of equipment, three brand new maps such as Piranha Pit, Camp Triggerfish, along with Wahoo World, along with a fresh Rank X that’s higher compared to the game’s present ability ceiling: S +.

The update will be launch in April.

It will feature 80 new missions from the Octolling underground. You may check out the trailer for that below. Even the 90’s Hip Hop references are strong for this one, including nods to Tupac and Biggie.

Players are able to pre-purchase the forthcoming DLC now, for $19.99, which will allow them to get Octo-themed in-game gear now until the DLC actually comes out.

Splatoon 2 released on July 21 of the year, and it has comprised loads of free content drops ever since. You can also take a look at the game’s forthcoming Starter Edition that comes complete with a strategy guide and more here.

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