PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

There harbor’t been too many excellent Tennis video games published over the past couple years, which is the reason why a lot of players, like myself, are anticipating Tennis World Tour from developer Breakpoint and writer Bigben Interactive. While the game just had a somewhat obscure May 2018 release window before today, it’s been declared that Tennis World Tour will be publishing on May 22.

This release date statement also came alongside the unveiling of Tennis World Tour‘s cover art, which can really differ from area to area. Even though famous Tennis player Roger Federer will take center stage in most areas, the 2 players will change depending on what area  you select the game in. You can take a look at an image that showcases all of the covers below.

Tennis World Tour Finally Gets Release Date Alongside Cover Art Unique to Each Region

There was a shortage of fantastic Tennis games during this generation of consoles, so I’m glad that we are finally seeing a resurgence of this type of game. While something similar to Mario Tennis Aces could possibly be a bit too cartoony for avid sports game lovers, Tennis World Tour looks like a sport game much more comfortable at the simulation of this service, which will earn a treat for fans of the genre.

Tennis World Tour is currently poised to start for PC, PS4, Xbox One, along with Nintendo Switch on May 22.

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