The Japanese statistics firm Media Create published its weekly evaluation, giving us an even clearer picture of the Japanese economy on top of exactly what we watched by Wednesday’s top-twenty.

Together with all the Switch on its 53rd week on the Western shelves, it sold 3,802,910 units thus far. That is before this Wii U, that sold. On the other hand, the new console falls just short of this Wii, which finished its 53rd week using  3,871,000 units sold.

The Wii managed to sell over three million units in its second year as well, and Media Produce explains that we’ll have to watch and see if the Switch is going to follow the same trajectory as the old console.

Last, but not least, Media Create asserts that because Nintendo Launched several powerful first-party games in the very first year, the secret to the second year are the users who could be attracted by Labo and more.

Incidentally, within the last couple of times, we learned that the boundaries of Nintendo Switch units in Japan seem to have been solved, since stores in Tokyo receive routine distribution.

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