The first three Tomb Raider games will shortly be remastered and coming to Steam at some point later on.

Developer Realtech VR will be in charge of bringing the games over to Steam. The variations that will then look on Steam will likely be remasters of those cellular editions of this Tomb Raider games.

Realtech quietly revealed that they could be remastering that the games to get Steam when reacting to your question. Their tweet could be found as follows:

Since you can see in their tweet they also shown that all those three games will encourage OpenVR performance to go along with a new 3D engine for all 3 titles. Perhaps the best news of all is those who already have each of the 3  Tomb Raider games on Steam, you’ll be able to receive these remasters at no cost.

Even though the upcoming   Tomb Raider movie is based upon Lara Croft’s recent games, it’s great that we’ll be in a position to more easily visit her past experiences. As of now, the arrival of these 3 remasters for PC does not have a release date but we’ll keep you posted in case that soon changes.

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