I’ve gotten back in to World of Warcraft lately and the one thing I’ve come to know is there are material drops during the slow period prior to new expansions. Sure, that will imply something as simple as Trials of Design, the game’s new style competition manner, but it’s a thing to remind you that WoW is still around, and that’s more of a reason to return. Today, thanks to some World of Warcraft dataminers, the character models for vertical Orcs–a customization option that will come to the race from the new Battle for Azeroth growth.

Thrall has long been a model for the way Horde players must be: noble, courageous, and straight-backed (we’ll only dismiss when he cheated at his 1v1 with Garrosh). Later this year, players will be able to mimic every one of those features, letting them fix that position that they’ve come to understand both in-game and IRL.

You can take a look at the WoWhead datamined  versions below equally as screenshots and within a cartoon video.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

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