The RTS is a tried-and-true genre of PC gaming that has been introduced to players in a variety of various ways. That being said, nothing I’ve seen before is rather like Dark Future: Blood Red States out of Auroch Digital. Following an elongated silence following the game’s first  announcement in 2015, the developers have released a new gameplay video which has pre-alpha footage of the game.

As this is a video of a pre-alpha build, Auroch Digital has said that some of the the UI in this video are just placeholders, so that they aren’t closing. That being said, underneath the thin layer issues that arrive with showing off early builds of a game is a very intriguing take on an RTS that combines traditional gameplay with vehicular  battle and roguelike elements.

During a mission, the player’s car really drives itself, with players only slightly directing it on which lane to be in and also what speed to proceed. Once players enter Command Mode, time slows down, players may then aim the many weapons of the car towards various other vehicles they’re fighting, but in addition they have to take movement   into account, so aiming marginally ahead is generally the most suitable choice. Dark Future: Blood Red States single-player can also be structured as a roguelike using permadeath, therefore proper planning is needed to endure.

Below, you may view some screenshots of Dark Future: Blood Red States along with the gameplay video. Dark Future: Blood Red States is likely to release on PC afterwards in 2018.

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