Blizzard Entertainment revealed Hearthstone‘s following expansion, The Witchwood, alongside a goofy announcement video flaunting a number of the set’s new features.

The forthcoming growth’s subject is based on the city of Gilneas, a kingdom which houses most Worgen taxpayers. Some cards, like “Baku that the Mooneater and “Genn Greymane” will grant you bonuses for having a deck that just contains even or odd-cost cards. Additionally, cards like “Pumpkin Peasant” can swap its own assault and health each turn while indefinitely.

The Witchwood will include 135 fresh cards, some of which will have the newest Echo and Rush skills. Echo cards will let you play it as many times as you’d like in one turn so long as you have the mana for it. Minions with the Rush capability are like those with Charge, letting you attack the same turn the card has been throw. On the other hand, the new movement is limited to only minions.

The manner will be available two weeks following the expansion releases.

Those who pre-purchase the expansion will garner a 50 card package bundle, the In a Dark Wood card back, and 20 extra The Witchwood card packs. The official Hearthstone Twitch station will run card show livestream for the new set on March 26th in 11 a.m. PDT.

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