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If you’re create a massive fan of Ash of Gods and you need to reveal your service to the developers in any way you can, then this might be for you. Developer AurumDust formally announced a brand-new special edition of this game, plus it includes a ton of extra goodies, and the best part is that it won’t price players much more than the base variant.

If players choose to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition they’ll receive a 60-page digital art book, world maps and graphics posters which can be printed out in their leisure, a duplicate of the game’s original soundtrack, also, the base game, which should go without saying but in this time, you can’t know.

The very best part is that this variant will only charge players $34.99. This is only $10 more than the base game, which clocks in at $24.99, which means you’re getting a very good value.

In case you missed this, a few weeks ago   Ash of Gods acquired a brand-new trailer that focused on the game’s “Roguelike Storytelling. ”

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